Shirley & Robbie, Carlisle

I have been really pleased with the format and structure of the course. I felt as if I was listened to and therefore my dog was being treated as an individual. He has made good progress and I feel that I now know where I am going and how to get there! The background psychology etc made perfect sense and it has helped me to understand my dog and his needs. I like the patient and kind but firm approach and my dog is responding to it well. The best part of the course is that it is bringing me closer to my dog. He is a rescue dog – I am his third owner in a year and he has certainly been indulged before he came to me. As a consequence I have felt unable to love him as I should because of some of his acquired behavioural bad habits. Now we are enjoying each others company and able to go for long walks without me having my arms stretched!! Thanks to Lisa for her patience and understanding.

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Norma, Max & Zac, Dumfries

I have found ‘Dogs Listen Up’ staff very friendly. Lisa was my trainer and was great. I had two chocolate Labradors to train. The training went really well and I enjoyed every minute of it. I now like taking my dogs out with no more pulling any more and no jumping up. I would advice anyone to do the training.

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Maureen & Finn, Carlisle

I am so pleased I signed up to ‘Dogs Listen Up’. Never mind the dog enjoying it, which he has, so have I. He will never be the best behaved dog in Carlisle but he is now trying and wanting to impress. We are having fun together and I am learning how to behave for him.

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Maureen & Buddy, Annan

Since Lisa started training Buddy he is so much better at home and when he is out walking. We have both learned a lot from Lisa and I would recommend one to one training. Before his training he would not get in the car and after a few relapses he now is willing (but not enthusiastic yet) to get in the car a lie-down in the back. Buddy is still a very lively young dog but he is so much easier to handle now that he is obedient and still willing to learn and to please. He no longer jumps up at anyone who comes to visit us or tries to knock them over in his haste to say hello to everyone.

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Linda, Mike & Ozzy, Carlisle

We have found that our dog training course from ‘Dogs Listen Up’ was very helpful in training our dog Ozzy. Lisa our instructor was very pleasant and helpful and patient with us. All the tips and training methods are going to help Ozzy be a better dog and we would recommend the course to anyone buying a dog and will continue to keep in touch in future if we have any problems. Thank you.

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Gillian & Spanner, Carlisle

I got my dog from the animal refuge and found he was very nervous. He barked at other people and dogs, he pulled on his walks and I didn’t think I could control him. I considered taking him back. I contacted ‘Dogs Listen Up’ and Lisa arrived. After the first lesson I felt so much more able to cope. Small simple commands changed me into a leader. Straight away I was taking lead and he started to relax. I couldn’t believe how clever he was! Now we are finishing the one to one lessons, I am feeling so confident and enjoying my dogs happiness. Our next step is the the socialising classes and I can’t wait! Thanks so much to Lisa for giving me the confidence to take control and teaching me all the skills. We are now very happy.

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Audrey & Rosie, Carlisle

Living alone in my late sixties I really wanted to train my new puppy properly so that we could enjoy each others company & have fun! Before the puppy arrived it was reassuring to be shown how to set up the house and garden for her arrival. To be advised on feeding and toilet training and to be led to understand that an obedient and trained dog is a happier dog and was less likely to get into trouble.Dogs Listen Up made me aware from day one that I must prove to be a ‘pack leader’ and not allow my puppy to take over the role. They showed me how to be a responsible leader, caring for Rosie’s needs, yet being firm and consistent in my discipline. We began with toilet training and Rosie was trained in four weeks. Lisa then made four two-hourly visits to our house in a period of two months and demonstrated how to get Rosie to walk to heel, sit, stay, lie-down and to come back when she was called. She made sure that I was applying the proper methods and techniques before leaving me to practice the commands two or three times a day until the next visit. Rosie is a responsive puppy because she learned to obey some of the commands like ‘Sit’ and ‘Stay’ relatively quickly. I expected her to walk to the heel quickly as well. At five months she still tended to pull towards distractions particularly people with other dogs. I requested this problem be given special attention. Both Brian and Lisa went walking with me in a busy area to access my technique to show me where I was going wrong. They also enrolled Rosie in one of their obedience classes with other dogs so that she could learn to both socialise with them and meet them face to face but still walk on. This personal attention has given me the confidence to be more calm and assertive and im sure that Rosie is a happier and more secure dog as a result.

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Linda, Phil, Gary & Daisy, Carlisle

I would just like to say how much me and my family enjoyed the training as well as our dog. It didn’t just train Daisy but us as well. It was very entertaining and If we didn’t phone ‘Dogs Listen Up’ I think we would not have coped with daisy as she is a strong and big dog. Lisa was very patient (not just with daisy but with us as well) I am really pleased with the training and with Lisa. Thank you very much for everything.

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Teresa & Connie, Great Corby.

I would definitely recommend the training programme with Brian. He is very personable and easy to talk to and obviously good with dogs. The sessions are not only informative, but fun after practising the techniques and taking his advice I’m very pleased with the progress my dog Connie has made and whilst there’s still room to improve, I no longer dread taking her for a walk in case she lunges at other dogs.
Thanks very much.

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