Mark, Vicky & Holly, Gretna.

We booked 6 one to one lessons with Lisa for our seven month old Border Collie Holly.It was well worth the money! Lisa is enthusiastic and clearly loves her job. If you are
lucky enough to get her to train your dog ( and you ) then you can look forward to living
with a very well behaved and happy mutt.

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Raymond & Stevie, Carlisle.

We contacted Dogs Listen Up because taking our 3 year old Westie, Stevie out for his daily walks was very stressful due to his disabedience on the lead. He would take no notice of my commands and would not allow other people or dogs to approach me dueto his over protectiveness. Now with Dogs Listen Up’s guidance I do not dread my daily outings with him. Stevie may never be the perfectly behaved dog but thanks to the Dogs Listen Up hard work and dedication we have seen a massive improvement in him.

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Tracy, Kyle & Jerry, Carlisle.

Great experience of learning and training. Gave my son tons of confidence to learn and train our new puppy. His confidence increased over the weeks and the results were plain to see with our puppy. Brian and Lisa had so much patience and loads of advice that you can use or not use. To be honest when you used it, it did mostly work, because they do actually know what they are doing. Many thanks for your time, Kyle has enjoyed every week.

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Katie & Ruby, Aspatria.

We have really enjoyed attending the 12 week class. It has helped us to learn some really good principles of dog training and obedience and has given us the time to practice and revisit the things that we have learnt, we have become much more confident in our expectations of Ruby. It was really nice that Callum ( aged 7 ) was able to do the handling and was made to feel so welcome.
Thank you very much to Brian & Lisa.

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Sharon, Adam & Harvey, Annan.

Having never trained any of our dogs, we didn’t really know what to expect, we just wanted one of our dog’s to do as it was told for a change and thought Harvey being 10 months at the time, should be the first. Liisa is a fantastic teacher, making every session enjoyable, fun and educational, while all the time showing us that it will happen if you just persevere.
Lisa and Kimmy are naturals and we shall really miss thr Friday evening Dog school sessions. I just wish there was a higher education class to move up to. It’s been great fun and we have learnt from it, so a very big thank you from us and I shall continue to recommend you.

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Alison & Belle, Carlisle.

My work colleague said I was mad to get a Beagle. She was talking from experience she said hers was crazy.
The 12 week course was well worth it and covered all the area’s I expected and needed.
Bella is a 8 months old now and the tools I’ve learned means I have more confidence with her. I’m also not expecting too much from her and understand she’s an excitable puppy, learning about the Pack Leader was interesting and has set the boundaries in our house. I would strongly recommend the training classes, it’s well worth the money for a dog that’s part of the family for many years. Many thanks.

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Michelle & Zara, Carlisle.

Both Zara and I are thoroughly enjoying our lessons, so far I dont know who’s learning more! Lisa is such a great teacher, patient and clear instruction helps both of us grasp the idea quickly.Makes home life with a young pup so much easier, Thanks.

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Rachel, Simon & Oli, Carlisle

Oli is a very boisterous Weimaraner puppy, and from the moment we got him everyone told us how strong willed and hard to train Weims are, I was a bit worried as he is going to be a big dog and I knew from the start that I wanted him trained and well behaved. I had seen Dogs Listen Up in pets at home many times and decided I would give them a call. We decided that the one-to-one training sessions would be most beneficial to Oli, my partner and I. Lisa came two weeks later, she gave us the techniques and confidence to begin training Oli ourselves, focussing on his sit, wait and down commands, his jumping up, walking to heel and finally recall. With Lisa showing us the correct way to handle and equally, how to praise Oli he quickly picked up all the training. He is still a playful puppy, but is a joy to have around the house and take on walks, we really appreciated Lisa’s flexibility to focus on some of our specific problems during the one-to-one sessions. She is a very good at encouraging us humans to do things the right was. I would highly recommend Dogs Listen Up to anyone who would like a well behaved dog.

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Jeff, Betty & Ollie, Carlisle.

Since Lisa spent training time with our dog, he is greatly improved. Now a joy to have in the house and outside.Lisa we found totally committed and so professional in everything she did, which with Ollie isn’t always easy.
We would certainly recommend Dogs Listen Up to everyone with confidence. Thank you so much.

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