Cathy & Tyler, Frizington

We brought home our first dog, a rescue Lurcher, which happened with surprising, so we were delighted to be able to arrange individual classes so that we could very quickly set the boundaries and routines to make for a happy household.
Vicki arrived and was able to allay concerns and quickly set us up with a basic training programme. She gave us clear demonstrations and notes for each session for us to return to if needed.

My confidence has definitely increased and although recall remains an area to work on when other dogs are playing with a ball that is way more interesting than Tyler’s own, we have strategies to work on. Many thanks for the friendly support.

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Gabriella & Molly, Ambleside

Debbie is quite simply A STAR !! So professional – very patient ( with me ) and very clear and steady with all her instructions.
When she first met Molly ( my 5 month old Labradoodle ) I was very anxious. Molly was nervous of other dogs, and behaved in a fearful manner, it was hard for me to realise that she was picking up on my nervousness, so that’s what I had to overcome for Molly to flourish.

Now 3 months on Molly’s doing great and so am I. Thanks to Debbie for all your support and skill. We’ll miss you.

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Sue & Rusty, Whitehaven

Great practical course for every breed. I have a giant breed puppy and the advice was useful and easily applied and I saw results.

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Violet & Sasha, Lowca

The trainers were friendly, welcoming & wonderful with our dog. The classes have helped us understand better how we canhelp our dog to be well behaved. I would and have recommended the class to other dog owners.

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Sheena, Les & Yaz, Aspatria

When Yaz first went to puppy class at eleven weeks old she was the class “joker”. We thought she would never “get it”. But through Lisa’s great advice and our determination Yaz improved week by week.
Yaz loves playing hide and seek and Ping Pong. My niece is now training her to jump through hoops. We had a great time at puppy class and would recommend it to any one.

Keep up the good work Lisa, we really miss your class.

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Maria & Tess, Carlisle

I am very pleased with Dogs Listen Up and have found Tess is responding very well with the one to one training. Lisa went to great pains to explain everything and I found her to be a very nice person and on top of her job.

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Dean & Bo, Carlisle

I would like to thank Lisa and Brian for all the help and advise with my stubborn mischievous English Bull Terrier pup Bo. I have found the 12 week course very helpful and Bo really enjoyed getting to know new friends.
If anyone I know is going to get a pup I will be recommending they contact Dogs Listen Up for the home set up session which I found invaluable. keep up the good work.

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Lucinda & Barny, Carlisle

Barny improved very quickly whilst under guidance of Dogs Listen Up from his first lesson, where he barked consistently at every dog and everyone, he has learnt to love coming to the hall and interacting with the other dogs and people.
Lisa gave clear instructions and guidance and made the learning fun and interesting. Would defiantly recommend Dogs Listen Up.

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Ann & Sula, Roweltown

Having attended every single session of the instruction, I was impressed by the manner and inclusion of him. She clearly understood exactly what was required in the care of each student and was especially helpful.
I learnt a lot on the course as a result, which my dog is now more obedient and much better behaved.

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