Where should i start?,For some reason we felt the need to get a puppy and ended up with a cute little dog who hadn’t yet grown into his skin. In the beginning he was cute and funny,and lovely to have around……………then he grew into a bloody massive great dane who totaly took over our lives. Harvey had turned into a monster who wrecked everything in his path,upset the neighbours with his constant barking,dragged you down the road and around the park,pinched everything within his reach and had us chasing him all around the house and garden to try to get it off him,spread himself all over the settee at every opportunity even though he had never been allowed onto the furniture,all great fun for him but very quickly became a serious problem to us. Harvey had taken control of us!!Being at home with Harvey was not a pleasure at all,it was a constant stress and by the time he was 15 months old we had had enough and we called in Dogs listen up. Lisa came to our rescue,on her first visit she explained exactly how we were going to deal with the problems Harvey had. It became clear Harvey’s problems were caused by us not knowing how to deal with him properly,even though we had owned dogs before we had never had one quite as challenging as Harvey. Lisa advised us how to tackle one problem at a time.It involved a lot of persistence from us and there have been times when we felt like we were taking one step forward and two steps back but Lisa told us to expect that to happen,anyway to cut a long story short Harvey has made great improvements and is becoming a pleasure to have around. The work is still ongoing and Harvey still pushes his luck sometimes but we now know what we have to do and Lisa is always available if we need to call her for any advice. I honestly think if we had not called in Dogs Listen Up we would have had to give up Harvey,a big thank you to Lisa and we would highly recommend Dogs Listen Up.