Linda & Izzy, Cockermouth

Enjoyed the class very much indeed, Izzy’s main problem has always been her barking, particularly at the beginning of class, and she would sometimes react by trying to nip my trouser leg, By solving this problem Lisa would let your daughter walk Izzy round the hall which calmed her down and after that she really looked up to me. After a number of weeks it got easier,Izzy would still bark but the difference was I felt more confident to handle her and Becky no longer had to walk her.
One thing which particularly stood out for me was the ease in which Lisa dealt with the class and the way she built up your confidence by praising the owners of the dogs as well as praising the dogs. To me this was a big plus as before the class, my confidence was zero when meeting dogs outside. I also enjoyed the class when you did the two weeks when Lisa was on holiday, I liked your different approach. I will definitely carry on what I have learned, Thanks again and best wishes.