David, Lynne, Emma, Jamie & Ellie

Thank you to Brian for the informative, social and fun Dog Classes we have recently attended at Great Corby.
Brian is a wonderful trainer both to dogs and their owners, thanks to him we now have a lovely, well behaved ( most of the time )
and sociable Labrador. Brian’s obvious love for dogs shines through in all the aspects of training and all dogs in our class respected him
and seemed eager to please him. The way the classes are run makes for an enjoyable evening, where all members of the family are
encouraged to participate in the training.

The group we joined at Great Corby was lovely, all dogs and owners got on really well, at the end of each session we had ‘ doggie playtime ‘
where Brian encouraged us to let the dogs off their leads and play together – a real treat for all dogs and a good laugh for the owners!!!!.

We would recommend Brian’s dog training classes, for both the training and the social experience. Thanks Brian and hope to see you soon.

David, Lynne, Emma, Jamie & Ellie, Warwick on Eden