We have a Basset Hound puppy called ” Bandit “, who suffered from seperation anxiety. He would not settle at nights, or if we left him for short periods. We tried everything we could think of with no success, which was starting to get to our neighbours!!! So we called in Brian to hopefully remedy the situation, as we didn’t want to give up on him. Brian suggested we get a crate, and then gave us training tips on how to control his seperation anxiety. After a few months and alot of patience he finally started to settle. We are now able to leave him when we go out shopping, and he will sleep in his crate at bed time. The neighbours never complain about him barking now, and say that they never hear him. We also had some issues with recall, which Brian kindly also helped us with. We are still working on his recall but have no doubt that he will master it in the very near future. Bandit is now calmer and more obdient, since having training with Brian. We would highly recommend Brian with any dog training issues.I am sure Bandit will miss Brian and his plentyful treats,though I think the feeling will be mutual !!!
Many Thanks Again!!!!